E-commerce systems


e-shop systems

Nowadays, anyone can build an online shop themselves within a short period of time. However, online shops that are supposed to operate profitably with a good conversion rate and little marketing expenditure require special knowledge.

Conversion rate in king

Most shops have a conversion rate below 1%.
Your goal should be above 5%.

Satisfied customers buy again

It's not just the quality of your product that makes the difference. The shopping experience is just as important for the customer!



Conversion rate
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Which e-commerce do we recommend?

Shopify Shopsystem
Shopify Shopsystem
Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform that allows businesses to easily create and operate online stores. With easy-to-use product management tools, customizable design templates, and a rich app ecosystem, Shopify offers a comprehensive eCommerce solution.

Shopify enables international expansion with multilingual and currency support. This platform has helped simplify eCommerce access for businesses of all sizes and is one of the most popular solutions on the market.
WooCommerce Shopsystem
WooCommerce Shopsystem
WooCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform for WordPress that allows users to quickly and easily create online stores. WooCommerce can be used to manage products, create categories and integrate payment options. The platform offers numerous free and paid extensions for additional functionality and customization. WooCommerce is flexible and customizable to meet the needs of small to large businesses. It supports a variety of payment methods and offers detailed reporting and analytics features. This open source solution allows companies to sell their products online and to design and scale their online store the way they want.